1. Shrimad Bhagwat Katha.(Bhagwatam) This is a seven days programme. This programme can be organised individually or public commitee, or NGO's.

  a . Sanhita Vachan Shrimad Bhagwata's Sanskrit text (shlowk) reading  

   b. Katha Speech per day on Bhagwata  for seven days by Parampujaya Hariharji Maharaj. devotional mind.

  d. Through this Katha programme he tells how should be the death of a person by using the example of King   Parikshit. And importance of life by sant sangati by giving example of Shukacharya's knowledge tale to King Parikshit.

   e. Listeningof these Kathas a person can be prohibited by negative thinkings

   f. Parampujya Hariharji Maharaj's told his first Bhagwat Katha  on 1 November 2002 to 7 November 2002.

   g. He started first  Pravachan on Bhagwat Katha at age 11 and had Sankalp,in the year 2007 (10Dec. to 16 Dec.) in Chakur Dist. Latur. This programme was telecasted by Satsang Channel in all over world,  at age 16 he completed 100 Bhagwat Katha's where as Shreemad Shukacharya Maharaj is first who speaks at the age of 16, in the world.

   h.Till date he has completed 158 Bhagwat kathas in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan in all over India.

  i. In future Bhagwat Katha is organised by aatmavidya seva samiti in Shuktal Mujffarpur dist in Uttar Pradesh.

2. Ram Katha: This  is a seven or nine days programme. This programme can be organised individually or public commitee,NGO's.

  a. Bhavpurna Katha Speech per day on Ramcharitamanas  for seven or nine days  by Parampujaya Hariharji Maharaj.

  b.Ramcharritmanas is a Sant Tulsidasji (Goswami) Grantha in avadhi language which is been told in Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit and English by Parampujaya Hariharji Maharaj.

  c.Aararti. After Katha Present devotees and the organiser makes Arati with devotional mind. first is Ramayanas aarati,second is  Shree Ram Aarti and third is Shree Hanumanas Aarati.Aarati means the divine way to Divyatwa. One is upnishad sentence "Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya."

 d. Ramayana is a tale which shows the way of life.In Ramayana we can find all the answer related to life. which is been told by Parampujaya Hariharji Maharaj.

  e.  Till date he has completed 25 Ramkathas

  f. Navanha Parayan of Ramcharitmans is conducted by Parampujaya Hariharji Maharaj.

3.Shivkatha: This is a five days programme. This programme can be organised individually.This can be attended by anyone.

  a. Katha Speech per day on Shivmahapuran  for five days by Parampujaya Hariharji Maharaj.

  b.At fifth dya vedokta yadnya whrere devotees gives aahuti.

  c. Aarati of Shiva, Ganesh and mata Bhavani(Durga) 

  d.Shivmahapurnas is Maharshis Vyasa's Granth 

4.Sant Katha: Of Sant Surdas,Sant Meera, Sant.Dnyaneshwar,Sant Kabeer, etc the important events of Santa's life has been told in three days of Satsang programme.

5. Pravachan: On Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta,Brahmasutra,Shivsutra,Yogvasishtha,Panchdashi,Chitsukhi etc. pravachan organised in one to five days.

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